White Labeling/Private Labeling the Platform

You are able to run the entire platform, login portals & webform loan application on your own sub domain like app.yourdomain.com and send emails from LendingWise using your domain. First, verify you have "Private Label" enabled in your account. (Click on the top right corner on your name, and should see "Modify Plan/Update Billing")


If not, you can add it via "Manage Account"

Details about this Add-on:

  • Your entire domain can be set as "app.YOURDOMAIN.com"

We provide an SSL Certificate, so you don't have to!

You will need to create the subdomain on your end and create an 'A' record that points to our IP:

For Emailing, we need to provide the SPF & DKIM records from SendGrid, our email provider.

We, at LendingWise will set up the DNS settings on our end first. It will consist of about 7 total records that need to be added to YOUR domain settings. (Ex. If you have GoDaddy that manages your domain, this is where we would input the 7 records needed)

LendingWise needs access to your domain registrar or if you would like to do it on your own, just ask us for the DNS records needed to be added.

***We recommend that we have access to your domain settings, this removes the component of going back/forth in emails/calls to finish this quickly. You can delegate access via your account, provide your logins or create a login for us, which you can email it to [email protected]

After the records have been added, we will verify it on our end to make sure it was done correctly..

  • "Webform Fueled By: LendingWise" will be removed from your webform applications.

-Background image from the login page can be change to a background image provided by the client.

For example:

Without White-Label add-on


With White-Label add-on (Sample background image)


If you have any questions or would like to know the pricing, please reach out to [email protected]