Submit loans, track status & upload docs as a borrower

A borrower can submit a loan request via the quick or full app webforms that are associated to the branch profile or the loan officer or broker profile, respectively. Alternatively, a borrower may call in or e-mail scenarios where a user like a loan officer start a new quick app. Regardless if they complete the quick app or even the full app, the user should send the borrower or broker an email with the link to their quick or full app, so they can verify or update the data in the quick or full app.

After the borrower or broker completes the online quick or full app, the system can optionally take them to a required docs page, asking them to upload some supporting docs. We highly recommend this as it make you look professional & if borrower uploads items, it shows high intent... More importantly, it will let you look deeper into the borrower & eligibility of the loan request, depending on what you ask for.

To enable this feature refer to Webform Settings--> Required Docs