Key Features

All the features you need to scale!

100% Cloud BasedWorks on all web browsers via secured https protocol with 99.99% uptime powered by AWS. We encrypt, secure & back up your data & documents for life. We
are aligned with the latest SOC 2, ISO 27001, & PCI compliance.
POS aka Webforms for Quick & Full AppOur SMART, customizable loan intake form dynamically asks the right questions & required docs based on the loan program & other loan parameters. It embeds on any website & comes included as a unique form for every loan officer & broker level user created.
Proprietary Automated Doc Collection Engine- Owly™Owly™ automatically knows which docs are needed during each stage of the loan lifecycle and asks the user (Borrower/broker/ loan officer/ back office) Owly™ also sends e-mails with exact breakdown of required docs, to the parties asking for them to upload via a unique, encrypted URL for their loan file doc portal.
Multi-Level "Branch" ArchitectureSetup branches to support correspondents, net branches, satellite offices, AEs & other 3rd parties. Process/underwrite loans on behalf of other lenders. Each branch can have its own white labeled portal, with it's own brokers or loan officers.
Defined User Roles & PermissionsEach user can have their own set of permissions that control read/write/edit access to loans in certain stages. 20+ permissions will allow every user to have just the right amount of access to various features and loan files.
Customizable DashboardQuickly see aggregate loan volume per loan stage, upcoming closings, US heat map for your deals, and various pie charts to analyze your data
Customizable loan file layoutThe loan file comes with many tabs like quick app, full app, borrower info, property info, income/expense, loan info, credit memo, contacts, tasks, workflows, servicing, billing/commissions, 3rd party integrations, pricing engine, marketplace, offers, and more. Customize the layout inside each tab and disable tabs you don't need.
Customizable loan stages & sub statusesCustomize the loan stages with your own naming conventions, which gives you a pipeline view your entire company will use & love. Create unlimited sub statuses (aka Tags) under their own categories, which allows you to sort & filter loans easily and export reports.
Customizable Workflow StepsCreate unlimited workflows with unlimited steps that are conditional to the loan program, transaction type, occupancy, property type, States, entity type, credit score range, & more.

*Tool tip helpers allow you to insert details to help users know exactly what to do & why.
Customizable Required Docs EngineCreate required docs that are conditional to the loan program, transaction type, occupancy, property type, States, entity type, credit score range, & more.

*Tool tip helpers allow you to insert details, URL links, and download a file to help users know exactly what to do & why.
Customizable Loan GuidelinesCreate eligibility guidelines around loan terms, rates, property type, States, LTV, LTC, ARV, etc... that will control the data coming in your forms and display warnings to users when thresholds are exceeded.
Workflow Automation/Rules EngineAutomate loan status changes, task creation to any user, dynamic e-mails to any party, or webhooks to any 3rd party system based on trigger rules like loan status for 'x' # of days, sub status or workflow steps enabled.
Pipeline Views & Custom reportsSearch, sort & filter loan files by various data points like loan program, loan amount, State, property type, rate, LTV, & many more. Export data into custom reports via CSV format.
E-mail Blast & Drip FeatureSend bulk E-mail to borrowers, brokers, or contacts within the platform. Set up automated drip campaigns that have trigger rules based on loan status, sub status, workflow steps, key dates, etc...
Centralized Doc StorageAll users can upload and store multiple file formats like PDF, JPG, GIF,. HTML. .DOC, .XLS, etc... Centralized per file. *Integrates with dropbox, box, or Google Drive
Document LibraryWe have many industry-related docs and packages ranging from 1003, disclosures, term sheets, 4506, lender packages, & more. Some are e-signable as well.
E-sign & Custom DocsWe can create custom docs for you that auto-populate and are esignable without having to integrate with Docusign or any 3rd party. This allows for dynamic logic and better formatting of content blocks. You can also build your own templates using Google docs or Sheets.
Task List & Calendar ViewManage tasks via task list & calendar view, which also shows many important dates like closing dates, maturity dates, follow-up dates, compliance dates, insurance expiration, etc...
Lender/Investor MarketplaceMatch your loan criteria with lender programs, view detailed profile information, and add your own lenders or investors to the marketplace.
Deal RoomShare your loan file with lenders or investors that allow submission of offer terms. Compare offers between many lenders or investors.
Pricing EngineCompare rates instantly across dozens of lenders for bridge, fix & flip, construction, rental/dscr, CRE agency, & more.
Loan ServicingTrack payments from borrowers, payouts to investors, yield spread tracking, payoffs, & more. Real-time ledger shows a journal of transaction entries for all parties involved in the loan.
Draw ManagementManage all the draw requests, remaining escrow amounts, project completion, upload files/pics/etc for each draw,
3rd Party IntegrationsWe integrate with numerous 3rd parties for credit pulls, soft credit, AVM, background checks, Flood, lender submissions, and more continually coming.

Our platform is like a swiss army knife... All the tools you need, when you need them.