Using the Pricing Engine

The Pricing Engine is designed to give you instant eligibility & pricing, and currently supports Bridge, Fix & Flip, Construction and Rental/DSCR products. Access a number of “community lenders” that we have strategically partnered with, and add your own private products that only you can access.

Whether you’re a broker looking to consolidate your lending partners into one easy to use tool, a correspondent or table funder with a need to price out loans, or a lender that wishes to give access to originators, loan officers and back office to ensure accuracy, we can tailor the engine to your specific needs.

Simply enter your deal parameters into the corresponding fields, and products will be “approved” with a corresponding rate, or “rejected” with a detailed reason as to why. The Pricing Engine provides a detailed level of eligibility factors and expected interest rate, saving the user time and allowing them to compare all of their lenders pricing in one screen.

See this quick knowledge base article on the Pricing Engine!


Live Guided Pricing Engine Tour

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