Originating a Loan: All User Types

As a borrower, broker, LO, AE, or back office user type

There are several ways to create a loan by the various user types i.e. Employee, Branch, Loan Officer, Broker, & Borrower while logged into their portals. Or via the quick or full app webforms OR using API/Webhooks... This illustration shows it best: LW-Loan Flow

Note: Every branch has it's own webform for a quick & full loan application. A broker or loan officer can use that form, assuming you enabled the field that asks "Are you a broker?" and/or "Are you a loan officer?" Every loan officer and broker user in the system, also gets their own unique webforms for quick & full loan applications. You can use the direct URL or embed the HTML code on a website.


Live Guided Loan Origination Tour

Start a live self-guided tour of the loan origination system. See all the ways a loan gets created & flows through the origination.



Create a fake loan using your own email as the borrower email. That way you can practice and send yourself borrower related emails, simulating the borrower experience.

Check out this video tutorial to see it in action