Pricing Engine

We have developed the industry's first pricing engine that instantly determines eligibility & pricing for bridge, fix & flip, construction, & Rental/DSCR loans. As of May 2022, we will be adding, more product types like multi-family, CRE, SBA & other business funding products. The pricing engine has several use cases & business models:

Community Pricing Engine (Standard)- There are numerous lenders to each product & growing every month. The pricing used is their wholesale rates.

Community Pricing Engine (Custom)- We can customize the pricing engine to reflect any pricing adjustments that are needed for your various users. For example, your back office pricing desk, will want pricing from various lenders or investors, while the front end AEs, loan officers, correspondent partners or brokers will want to see different pricing for products. Users can have their own profile(s) that have unique adjustments.

We can also add new lenders or investors product as needed for an additional fee.

Whether you are a professional broker, hybrid broker/lender, or direct lender funding loans or selling loans, you will want a pricing engine that speeds up the eligibility and pricing of loans in real time.