This section controls which required docs are always on by default and can be conditionally linked to a loan program & numerous other loan parameters/conditions. So certain required docs only show up when the loan program & conditions match. For example, if the loan program is Fix & Flip- you will need rehab budget, experience/track record… If Commercial Loan→ You need Rent Roll, P & L, etc.. OR if property type= Condo--> You need condo questionnaire.
Also, certain required docs can be back office only and will not been seen or uploadable by the borrower or other parties you indicate via the loan status & doc portal.


TIP 1:

A processor or underwriter can always ADD or REMOVE a Required Doc inside a loan file, before or after the borrower or broker sees the Required Docs for their loan file, so you don't have to put EVERY required doc you can think of here, just the most commonly used ones .


TIp 2:

Review our Master Onboarding template--> Required Docs section to help you think about all the required docs needed, specific to user type and loan program.


TIP 3:

You can upload or link to a reference file that support the required doc. That way when users, like a borrower, see the required doc they can also click the icon that opens the referenced file. For example, maybe you want the borrower to download your rehab budget template or disclosure form to fill out, sign & upload.