This section lets you control certain loan level form fields specific to a loan program. For example, for loan program= fix & flip… You can set allowed transactions type to purchase & cash out refi, set the property types you support, loan terms, occupancy requirements, eligible States, etc... These changes will control how the webform and back end portal will behave and display those fields and their respective values in their drop down… Hence acting as an eligibility filter for your webform and avoiding the entry of ineligible deals.

Other parameters in loan guidelines allow you to set thresholds for the min & max loan amounts, min/max points, min/max rate, max LTV on a purchase, cash out refi, rate/term refi, ARV… which displays a red alert for users indicating the loan has exceeded the guidelines.

Additional Purpose: Marketplace Eligibility Engine

If you have the Marketplace feature enabled, then the custom loan guidelines can be tied to the Marketplace eligibility engine, which uses this info to match a loan to the loan programs/internal loan programs & their respective guideline parameters. You can add your own private lender/investor/capital providers with their specific loan programs, usually done by marking a loan program as "internal". The marketplace feature can be private to only your enabled users. In the Marketplace tab of a loan file, users with permission will be able to see all loan programs that match, as well as loan programs LendingWise suggests loan programs from other direct lending or capital providers. You will be able to submit a financing request directly to those lenders with a link to a deal room. You’re welcome. =)

If you want to be added to the Lender Marketplace for our user community. Contact [email protected] head of lender relations.