Sub Status aka Tags

Settings -> Platform Settings-> File Sub-Status

The system comes with several categories & many sub status labels aka Tags. You can edit, remove & add to these categories and sub statuses. They work like tags or labels on a file, which is useful regardless of the Primary Status/Stage of the file. For example, if the file is in lead status, there are lead management sub-statuses like comparing offers, reviewing budget, waiting on counter offer, cold lead, hot lead, unreachable, etc… Once the file converts to an active loan and is in underwriting, you can use labels like needs manager review, valuation issue, pending legal review, pending inspection, pending conditions, etc.. You can create new categories & their respective labels/tags for denial reasons, or funding source, etc... All these categories, tags/labels can be used to run reports via the pipeline and allows all users to see deeper into the loan status and/or run detailed reports for analysis purposes.



Users can make notes on a specific Sub Status and notify any party of the update on the sub status.


Automation Rules

Sub-Statuses can have automated rules to create tasks, emails or webhooks based on checking off a sub status. Learn more in the automation section.