We have introduced Workflow Automation V2 under Settings -> Automation Please verify you have it enabled first. If not contact your account representative.

This feature allows you to automate actions like emails, tasks, webhooks or file status change based on file status, sub status and/or work flow steps.

Tasks- Can be created automatically from an user role that is assigned to the loan file or a specific user. The owner of the task can be a user role (back office role, branch, loan officer, broker or borrower or set a specific user.

E-mails- Utilize email templates that display dynamic information about the loan, borrower, property, loan, including required docs.

Webhooks- A webhook is a way to post data via a special URL. Inside the URL is a data payload containing information about the loan, borrower, property, etc... and more importantly, a unique identifier for that loan in the receiving application. The LendingWise webhook support 40+ important data fields, we can add more upon request.

Change File Status- You can automatically change the status of a file based on the rules mentioned above.


Example Use Case:

You can even make a rule that says: Send email/create task/send webhook/ Or change file status IF loan file status is "Clear to close" for X Days...

Webhooks are great ways to integrate with 3rd party systems like salesforce, hubspot, etc...



Automations rules can have many actions (create tasks, send emails, run webhooks or Change file status automatically) that occur instantly or at a scheduled time based off 1 or many rules like loan status= Clear to close and/or sub status= anything and/or workflow step(s)= any workflow step(s). This allows any combinations to meet your most complex business logic.

Please see this video below :