Soft Credit Pull

Enable this feature by going to Pipeline--> Soft Credit Pulls. Once the feature is enabled for your account, that's where you can see a pipeline view of all soft credit pulls. A soft credit pull can be ran directly from the soft credit pipeline or inside a loan file under the Quick or full app tab. Each user (back office, branch, loan officer, or broker) will need permission enabled if you want them to use the soft credit pull feature.

See here under user profile--> Permission section:


NOTE: The feature is currently free of charge. The vendor (Acqualify) providing this service subsidizes the cost by offering credit restoration services to any customers that do not meet your credit threshold. You can set the threshold to any score you want. They will call & e-mail the customer to offer credit restoration which cost around $75-$175/Mo depending on the plan.



You can run the soft credit every 30 days. So if you try to resubmit the report, you will be prompted with an error.

The required fields to run soft credit are: first & last name, address, phone, E-mail & Date of birth. Sometimes the quick app will not have DOB or address fields present, so use the full app tab.

Credit Screening located under Quick/Full App


If information is not provided correctly or system cannot find information, you will receive this error message.



Who is Acqualify?They are a lead intelligence company that helps lending teams qualify prospects with ease. Access real-time credit data without impacting your prospects’ scores. They offer credit restoration services, so your borrowers become qualified for more lending products & programs.
I don't see Soft Credit/credit screening in Pipeline?Verify a manager has first enable the feature on the account, then all other back office users will have access to the feature.
Nothing is showing! What could it be?Please verify the correct present address for the borrower, not previous address.
Does the soft pull show details like 30,60, 90 day lates?Please be aware that this service does not provide output this way
Which credit score does Acqualify use?We use a VantageScore model which is typically within 20-40 points of the FICO score. We recommend setting your Acqualify threshold 40 points below your FICO minimum, so that you can safely exclude ineligible prospects while not losing qualified leads.
Do you sell or share leads between partners?We do not sell or share leads. Our business model relies on us fixing the credit of your leads then sending them back to you to close the loan.
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Why don't I see this feature?Please make sure a manager accepts the terms and conditions. A manager will have to grant you access via the permissions set on your account.