Custom Docs with E-sign

Custom Created Docs

We can create custom docs that output into fillable PDF, or Esignable PDF, or Word Doc. This service is helpful when you have a form or doc package that has a complicated layout, like a 1003, or government form… or you need the docs to be E-signed, or there is advanced logic that controls how or when certain data/paragraphs/clauses are populated.

Example custom docs we have done are: FL - Loan Docs, ENTITY SIGNATORY AUTHORIZATION
Loan Closing Statement , Commitment Letter- New Construction


In order to prepare any template for a custom package/pdf, You must also provide us with the unique database id of the field, which is easy to do by right clicking the field→ Click Inspect element→ copy & paste the id into the field in template. For any fields you cannot find, highlight them in red, we will help you find them or let you know they need to be added, possibly requiring you to pay a small development fee.

Here is a sample loan file with ALL the fields & sections enabled. And ere is a video showing how to right click→ inspect→ Copy Database ID→ Insert to a template.